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From Dave Tolchinsky's website: A policewoman named Crawley finds the house that matches the latest sketch by 'Cassandra,' a killer who likes to draw the location of her next murder. The house belongs to Field, a retired psychiatrist. He reveals that a long time ago he had treated a 12-year-old patient named Cassandra Philips, who obsessively drew disturbing scenes involving half-human, half-animal creatures. Field helped her recover what he believed were memories of some kind of unspeakable abuse, until he realized they were false memories, or rather, until he was prosecuted for implanting false memories in his patients and was no longer allowed to practice psychiatry. Despite Crawley's conviction that Cassandra Philips is the killer and Field's assertations that he is in no danger and just wants to be left alone, as the day starts to unravel in strange ways, it becomes clear no one and nothing is as it appears to be.  .  . 

/ / Written & Directed by David E. Tolchinsky \ \

/ / Starring Sara Bues \ \

/ / Edited by C.A. Davis \ \