c.a. davis

// filmmaker | editor | storyteller \\

DISCLAIMER: The following content on this page displays my  recent work, some of which I own no rights save that of demonstrating my abilities via this online portfolio.

Media and Design Studio (jack of all trades)

the Pulter Project: Poet in the Making (jack-of-all-trades)

Picture North, Eidsiva Energi Dir Cut (editor)

Lindeblad Piano Restoration - Trust (editor)

(director, editor)

Lindeblad School of Music (editor)

IU COAS - Macbeth (editor)

IU COAS - Welcome Week (editor)

The Black Lillies - 2014 Kickstarter Promo (editor)

Yazoo Brewery - The Telepathic Ape (co-writer, editor, assistant director)

IU College of Arts and Sciences - A Graduation Story (editor)

Calumet Farm - Stud Roster (editor)

LLWS Uniform Reveal (editor)