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Here I practice my word smithing. I hope it is... bearable. Perhaps even palpable.

April 25th, 2012

I'm writing this primarily because I don't want to write any more term papers. Luckily for me, I only have two left to finish before my educational career is over. Anyway...

Welcome! Hopefully I will keep this blog updated every week. That's my goal, at least. Can't be that hard, right? Could be. We'll see. You'll see -- I hope. This, what you're reading right now, I promise will not happen often. I won't ramble, I won't spew hate or gossip. I won't write short sentences. Yet.

What will be discussed on this page are things of great depth to them. I will discuss some politics, a bit of economics, much philosophy, some theology, and the fallacies and problems therein. I'll talk about people like Charles Eisenstein or Alan Watts. I'll talk about art -- well, movies and video games, really. Lots of such randomities (and half-made-up words) will come about depending, of course, upon mood, available time, etcetera etcetera.

And I won't always be this, well, quick-witted (or maybe annoying, depending on your taste in writing... Assuming you even have a taste in writing...). Much of what I write will be intraspective, contemplative, and downright stuffed with over-ripened philosophical verbosity. We'll see if that shoe fits.

I hope you'll find my writing entertaining, as if I were right there talking to you. I'm excited to share with you (people, in general) my thoughts on life and everything spouting from it.

Okay. Great! Now -- back to this paper...