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Hello, Again

I've been away for a while.

Figuratively, at least. Really, there is no excuse for my silence. Perhaps I'm just not the blogging type. I think that much has been figured out. My short essays thus far have really been more of an exploration into non-fictional writing more so than pseudo-intelectual blogging. In that light, I think it's safe to say the experiment paid off, although it may feel rather painstaking that my thoughts come sporadically and with much time in between each piece of writing--this is really directed at myself, as my frustration in writing is the immense amount of time it takes for me to craft the vagueness of thought into the compounded and limited formation of words onto a page.

But it has been fun.

Sadly, however, I must admit that my blogsite will inevitably collect much more dust than it already has. I do still write, however just not as quickly as one would require in order to maintain a captivating blog amidst a vast ocean of content vying for as many eyeballs that it can preoccupy with fast, flickering colors and heavily compressed sounds. So instead of putting up large posts, I'll keep things short and even more sporadic than as of late.

To start, here's what I have been up to the past five months (the poor excuses I mentioned) and why I haven't been active on my or other anybody else's blogsite:

I've been writing a large essay over the past half year that deals with, well, everything. It was spurred by the growing ideological warfare between religious and anti-religious people across the world and my distaste for, well, all the other distate. I noticed how odd of a position I hold when it comes to such things--how I can argue for the better qualities of religion against an atheist as well as how I can argue for the better qualities of atheism against a religious zealot--and so I decided to delve deep into the heart of the problem, that which I've found to be is certainty. Countless of hours of discussion, three books read, several philosophers researched, the limit of my own sanity nearly reached, and seven months later, I've come up with something of which I think--

I think

--I can be quite proud. If you like blow your mind out of the water, then this essay is for you. Best of all, it's going to be free and released as a PDF as well as in e-book form, complete with a spiffy cover, wandering yet poignent prose, and an incredible message of which anybody of any creed or non-creed can easily benefit. So keep your eyes open for an essay titled,

the Seven Maxims: a hopeful endeavor

, coming within the next two months.

Second, I've been rather busy with my other profession, that of video editing. Over the past fall and winter, I completed two more music videos directed by a good friend of mine, Ryan Newman--you can see them below:

Third, and probably the best excuse of the three, I spent five weeks abroad, visiting my lovely lady in the middle of her own journey in France. You can read about it here:

A Lille Girl in France


Finally, to reiterate, even though this blog has fallen more and more silent, that does not mean I am through writing. I will do my best to write on topics as they come to mind, but these posts will be much shorter than the previous ones. All of my long-form writing will be done sparingly and with much more attention and time, hopefully to be released as

the Seven Maxims

 will be--free (so long as I keep my day job) and with utmost clarity, craft, and emotional involvement. So, any suggestions of blogging topics would be welcome!

Oh! I've also taken up drumming. Incredible. Everybody should find their instrument to play.

All of that said, I'll leave you with one last taste of what my essay will hopefully feel like when read (sensory overload? good), that of the late, great Alan Watts, my latest philosophical obsession. Enjoy: