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Monday August 5th, 2013

So my last post was my (admittedly) meager first step into the world as a writer. It's not easy to put months and months of thought and energy into a piece of work and then throw it into the world to be (presumably) torn apart by an audience. I barely had the nerves to release

the Seven Maxims

as a PDF, searchable really only by word of mouth. But, as promised, I am working on creating an eBook document of the draft I have up now. (By the way, did you know how hard it is to publish an eBook?? Formatting is a bitch…) So, despite feeling


nervous about being brutally judged upon my first non-fiction essay, that eBook will be published (by me) via Smashwords.com (and thus to all major eBook dealers) in… about two weeks. Hopefully. And it'll still be free.

In other news, I've already begun the process of a new non-fiction piece that'll be not as philosophical as

the Seven Maxims

but certainly as introspective and contemplative. I really see

the Seven Maxims

as the ground work from which the rest of my writing will stem, defining the way in which I think about things. Anyway, the next book will be more expansive and thus will take years to complete. I plan on it being an anthology (of sorts) on my parents, my life, and "the American Dream" -- a critique, really, of the system on which modern civilization (past ~300 years) has been fixated. I'm sure it'll be a doozy. 

Until those years have passed and I've actually had time to write it, I'm working on flash fiction pieces to either submit to other magazines or just compile into an eBook for a small fee (I don't know, one dollar, two? Maybe I'll post a fiction piece on here then see if it'll be worth two cents). In any case, be on the look out for any work I may get out to you guys.

One more thing: August 19th is "Talk Like a Pirate Day," and I'm cutting a pirate music video especially for the occasion. Be on the look out for that as well. Music is by a Nashvillian by the name of

Tom Mason

(and his Blue Buccaneers). Great guy. Great musician. Hilarious (pirate) band.

And now, this:

Everything I've wanted to do with music videos... Has. Been. Done.