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Indie Diary #4: Baby Steps

Diving into multiple new skill sets is hard enough...

But doing so by yourself in limited free time? Soul crushing.

It's a good thing I Don't Think So is heavily focused on the feelings of anxiety and depression - namely those mind-numbing and paralyzing emotions caused by over-thinking every tiny detail of a day or a project. This, ironically, keeps me motivated. I not only want to work through my own anxious feelings but also to help others understand how to remedy such mentally exhausting states.

Run, Eue, run!

Run, Eue, run!

Because I do easily get down on my slow progress - or lack thereof - it's important to celebrate small victories, such as getting Eue to run in only two hours!

Finally, a little progress to write home about. I still have a monstrous amount of work ahead of me... But for having never animated anything in my life - not too shabby, huh?

I still have an entire game to make, but now at least I've learned a valuable lesson on patience. Just keep taking those tiny steps forward, and before long you'll look back and see how far you've come!