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Indie Diaries #6 - Now We're Two

Just a few posts ago, I complained about the affects of an isolated, solitary workflow.

Bin Li - Composer

Well, I'm very excited to announce that I'm no longer working alone on I Don't Think So. I've teamed up with the talented and rather energetic composer, Bin Li, who has been steadily rising in reputation the past couple years among those seeking compositions for symphonies and orchestras specializing in the avant-garde.  I'd even dare to say that this marks the most atypical game development team known to mankind - an idealist/narrative designer and a composer. Fitting, I suppose.

Bin graduated both the IU Kelley School of Business and the Jacobs School of Music. For those of you unfamiliar with Indiana University's music and business reputations, that's really fucking hard to do - one degree in either school is usually enough for any sane person to handle without developing a severe case of acute insomnia.

In fact, I'd say the main reason I decided to call Bin for developing the musical score was his tenacious professionalism as well as his voracious appetite to A-B-W (ALWAYS BE WORKING). Glengarry Glen Ross and business jokes aside, Bin's got what it takes to tack on a year-long endeavor to his current creative and CPA demands. Much thanks in order for the future awesome tracks you'll create for the project, Bin.

In other news, development itself rolls along a bit faster every day. The first level is beginning to take form, and I rather enjoy this new creative process - seeing my original design take a whole different shape (due to either various constraints or stumbling upon features) is a really interesting and organic process.

But, unfortunately, I'm afraid I can't show you anything else beyond this point. Not unless it's very specific or incredibly rough, or else I'd be giving away too much. Nobody likes a spoiler, after all...