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Long Days, Short Nights...

Lately, I've become used to 5 to 6 hours of sleep.

I think that's probably not a good long-term solution to my work-life balance. Well... I know it's not.

However, there's a point herein I think I should stress for all those who read my blogs and follow my work: if you put everything into what you truly wish to do, you'll get everything back, doubly so.

I can't even list off the amount of things I've learned, become better at, or people I've met due to the long days and short nights over the past four... five?... six months (or so). And while there's so much left for me to do on my side projects, I know that these days won't last forever. At one point it'll break and what I put into everyday now will come back around in due time.

So if you're out there, struggling, putting in more hours on passion projects that you're afraid will end up leading you nowhere, just know you are getting something out of it, something that is far more valuable than your spending time and energy at anything else you ultimately can't stand.

As Alan Watts used to say, and I'm paraphrasing, the smart man or woman is one who does not work a job. She is the one who masters a vocation.

*Cue inspirational music.*