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Indie Diaries #8: Five Month Update

It's been approx. five months since I began any development of I Don't Think So...

And I have some to show for it, though not terribly much. I wish I could have more to verify my late nights and new skills learned... but I'm still very much in the early phase of this project. I could blame it on the day job, but let's be honest -- getting to do something you truly enjoy and have the utmost passion for is difficult task to achieve, for whatever reason. It's part of the game, in the grander sense of things...

Anyway, enough b.s. Here's some drawings! I'm almost done creating the first level/world/area's platform assets and wanted to show you some of these "floating Earths," as I call them. Check em out!

Look out below!

Smaller floating earths

Animated phsyics simulation for one my platforms. Anybody know how to do this in Unity 2D with C#...?