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Indie Diaries #10 - Slow and Steady

Slow and steady wins the race, as they sometimes say,

And this journey into game development has been just that: frustratingly slow, yet encouragingly steady. However every time I start researching C# scripts, I understand the language increasingly more than the last, and although I still have quite the laundry list of code to hack into the game, I'm checking off things increasingly faster than I was able to before.

This week's update may be pretty slim as a result of the learning curve, but here's a couple things I've learned how to do in a very short amount of time:

- Level 1 -

+ running

+ jumping

+ basic collisions

+ free floating objects

+ repeating level

+ audio zones

+ pass-through levels

- super jump

- stunned after landing from velocity less than -50

-  animation change after reaching certain height/point

- rotating gravitationally attractive platform

+ multiple types of walk/run/jump

SOLVED jump lag

SOLVED falling animation loop bug

SOLVED pass-through collisions


Not too bad for somebody who's never coded before five months ago, if I do say so myself...