c.a. davis

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Prompted Tales #3

The Last Time I Bought Flowers

[Part of an on-going series.]

There was a fly in the room.

The trash hadn't been taken out in over a week. The cats were still alive, albeit begrudged by the inconvenience of hunting for crumbs and drinking from a leaking faucet. The only leaking faucet.

Everything smelled like sage. Ashes trailed through the halls, dotting the pink floral runners. Despite the window being open, the air still felt stale and slightly unbreathable. Superstitious habits like burning sage for the past forty years tends to have that effect.

It was half-past four. Lilith kept my attention for far too long. I would've gotten there at four, but I forget her flowers. Tulips. If I didn't show up with a handful of tulips, I wouldn't hear the end of it for weeks. Not until the next visit, at least. But, not that it mattered now. It was too late for all the worry. Too late to for another time-dilating conversation.

Two hours too late for tulips.