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Prompted Tales #4

How One Attains Freedom

[Part of an on-going series.]

  1. Go on a journey searching for "meaning."
  2. Get distracted by the inviting face at the far end of a bar in Morocco.
  3. Forget your train tickets in your lover's bedroom.
  4. Hop on the caboose, like in the stories your pappy told you when you were three.
  5. Get thrown off the train somewhere south of the border.
  6. Hitch a ride through war-torn countrysides.
  7. Get detained.
  8. Explain your western accent.
  9. Escape with the other POW's.
  10. Illegally bored the last ferry out for the day.
  11. Outrun the patrolmen.
  12. Happen upon a monastery where non-descript men and women in tawny robes stare at walls all day long.
  13. Stare at a wall.
  14. Forget the reason you left home.
  15. Stare at a wall.
  16. Forget the pain lodged with the bullet in your left arm.
  17. Stare at a wall.
  18. Forget your name.
  19. Stare at a wall.