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After about... A year? Yes. Wow.

A year has passed since I last wrote anything public besides those short writing prompts. After my extremely short stint as a dupe providing content to EliteDaily, I decided to write for myself for free rather than for the benefit of some bullshit company leveraging its steep valuation off of bamboozled 20-somethings trying have their voice heard through pop-culture lists and anecdotal advice columns.

I've grown up.

So, naturally as obsessive people tend to do, I fixated on the one thing that everyone America has laughed and cried about for the past six months- Donald Drumpf.

The anxiety I felt- and still somewhat feel- about the alarmingly authoritarian state America seems to be hurling itself towards propelled me to face the fear head on: 

What would actually happen if America reinstated WWII policies that would allow the unconstitutional arresting, holding and persecuting of a large mass of its own citizens in order to battle an increasingly obscure enemy?

The result? A 120-page screenplay dedicated solely to answering that question.

The Fate of Fear | Aadila- the daughter of a Syrian mother and a U.S. soldier- must confront the fear of her own heritage in order to save America from its most troubling of adversaries- its own authoritarian government.

Sounds great, huh? Give a read if you're interested...