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A Film to Inspire a Conversation on Race and the New American Identity

[Originally sent as a mass email.]

Colleagues, friends and family members,

If you're receiving this email, it is because you are a trusted and much loved individual in my life, or a incredibly respected individual to whom I look up with great admiration. I'm writing all of you this morning to officially announce the 30-day IndieGoGo campaign for my short filmRoano Moreno's Colorful Canvases, which is slated to be filmed this April / May and completed for mid-summer and fall film festival deadlines!

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Well, I'll level with you. The world is one big ball of outrage right now. Twitter is a sewer of irrational vitriol. Facebook is a propaganda machine. America seems to have descended into this weird alt-reality in which history is being outright revised to fit the status-quo. However, this film is not just another act of outrage, nor a reactionary response to police brutality, racism or government oversight.

Our film is an inclusive production about being caught in the middle of our binary-racial American society, a story that highlights a pervasive, yet invisible feeling that's been called Racial Imposter Syndrome. There's a small but exponentially increasing number of Americans who would traditionally be called "mixed," "mulatto," "biracial," etc that feel actively isolated from the very groups of people which constitute their heritage. They feel that they don't pass for white, black, hispanic, asian, or native, and so are thrust into the most oblique and alienating of human classifications: OTHER.

This feeling of being a fraud in your own skin is where our film comes from. And even more so, it suggests the remedy for this Racial Imposter Syndrome. As our character, Roano Moreno -- a Garifuna Honduran caught between the latino and black American identities (played by Ian Martin) -- discovers, the only way to know yourself (and, thus, unleash your potential) is to let go completely and build your existence from the unyielding nothingness that persists in life.

TLDR; it's an optimistic approach to nihilism set in the context about race and society. It's about understanding who you are, whether you're black, brown, white, asian, hispanic, native, or starchild. And it's a funny, touching father-son story that transcends space and time.

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Great question. Although I've been editing short films, documentaries, and music videos for the past six years, I've always been interested in writing and directing my own material. After countless hours observing the narrative, creative, and directorial processes from the post-side of production, I feel the time has come to dip my toes in the directorial water.

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I am extremely fortunate to have come this far in the niche field of editorial, so what I don't need is money for bread on my table. What I do need is to show my cast, crew and collaborators that I support them as much as they support me. Everyone I've included in this project has been so gracious in giving their time and energy for nothing but the experience. However, I remember the first time I was paid more than a couple hundred bucks for two weeks' worth of work. I don't want to make my people work on my behalf without offering something in return to them. So, I need you, my network, to come together and show that we believe and support the filmmaking community by giving to this film so that my people can be paid for their hard work.

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Go to my IndieGoGo page, purchase a perk and share, share, share the link, this email, and the cause with anyone who will listen!

Thank you, please post the link below to all the social medias and include the hashtag #MorenoOxfords and one of the attached images of our (still growing) beautiful cast. Also, please follow the Instagram account @RMCC_Shortfilm to stay in touch and watch as people are socially called-out for their contributions to our film. Much love!

Link for sharing: https://igg.me/at/roano-morenos-colorful-canvases/x/17926347

Photos for sharing with link:

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