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Prompted Tales #2

Most Significant Trip or Journey

[Part of an on-going series.]

A year ago, my then fiance and I decided to visit a friend in Trinidad and Tobago during Carnival. Just like many other Caribbean nations, the week of Carnival was filled with an insatiable thirst for rum, soca music and coconut water (in that order). A perfect week for foreigners to visit.

We were excited for the party, not thinking about the particulars. The questionable "preacher" angrily arguing -- and cursing -- his way through Trinidadian customs should've been the first tip. So should've the ferry ride to Tobago -- the waves relentlessly churning my stomach outside itself for three hours. But it wasn't until I was on a jetski, cutting upwards of 20mph off the shore's peculiarly high tide when I realized I've had a set of naivete blinders on my whole life.

I failed to notice the stretcher by the beach, the scarred face of the man behind the bar, or the informalness of those "renting" the bikes. None of those details filled in until the tattooed man with a gold front tooth slammed into my left bow. That's when it hit me.

I really ought to pay more attention.