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Prompted Tales: An Exercise

So, I joined this meetup. A writer's meetup.

About 12 of us, timid, self-scrutinizing "writers" gather, enjoy some smalltalk -- and I mean really small talk -- write for 8 minutes off a prompt, give feedback, then tackle another prompt.

Kind of surprisingly therapeutic. Who knew?

Anyway, I think -- maybe -- what I write in those prompts would make for an interesting blog series. More than likely they'll all be bad, but a few may turn out okay.

So, let's call it "Prompted Tales: An Exercise." It's like brain-kegels. Great practice for new writers.

I'll do my best to resist doctoring up what I write in pen and paper at the meetup for online publication. But, don't hold me to it. For that reason, though -- the pen and paper bit -- these will be very short, and probably skimp on a lot of details. Good for blogs, bad for actual writing technique.

Who cares.

Look out! Two are about to be slung on the sticky interwebs. More to come later.